Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Call to "Disregard the Mandate"

On January 24, more than a dozen alumni of the University of Notre Dame, submitted a letter to the editor to The Observer calling on Father Jenkins to disregard the HHS Healthcare Mandate. The letter ends:

"There may come a point when the government attempts to force the University to change, either through a revocation of federal funding or through the courts. If that day comes, we will be standing beside you.
Father Jenkins, we encourage you to clearly announce Notre Dame's intention to disregard the HHS regulation as an infringement of the freedom of religious exercise and to state in succinct terms that there can be no compromise on this particular issue."

The full letter can be read by clicking here. You can 'sign the letter' by adding your name and class year under 'comments' at the bottom of the letter.

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