Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March for Life Reflections 2

The following are reflections by students who attended the 2012 March for Life:

(all Notre Dame students who attended the March for Life received the name of a child aborted in South Bend last year, along with the date of his/her abortion...)
"Laura. Putting a name to the unborn child makes it even more real. This is a life! A living human being crafted by God. Tears filled my eyes as I pondered the countless Lauras killed by abortion."

-Angela Bermudez
ND class of 2014

"While I have participated in marches in my hometown, this was my first time both traveling with the Right to Life group and visiting DC. I was initially pretty nervous about coming along, and I didn't really know anyone else going very well. Fortunately, the experience of exploring DC with a great group of young people passionate about living out their pro-life beliefs is a darn good way to grow in friendship.

I had an amazing time exploring the city, and the march was a wonderful experience. However, after the march I met an elderly man on the subway who shared a remarkable story. Twenty five years ago, when his wife was expecting, he had continuously tried to persuader her to have an abortion. Thankfully, she chose life for her son despite her husband's stance. This child grew up, was an all-American baseball player, excelled in law school, and was practicing law by the age of 25. The man on the subway stressed how extremely proud of his son he was. He told me his son was the best thing to happen in his life, and he expressed his joy that his wife had refused to listen to his mistaken advice. He now sees how blind and foolish he had been, and every day he asks God for forgiveness and thanks him for the brilliance his son has brought into his life.

More recently, the old man had been hospitalized for 11 days, and he beamed as he told me his son was at his side every minute of it. He kept repeating to me all his son had accomplished and how proud of him he was. I could clearly see the Lord at work in this man's life, and the growth of faith, love, and respect for every human being that he had experienced was both touching and inspiring.

I am so glad that I rode in the same train car as this man. I felt Christ speak to me through his story, and he gave me great hope and confidence that God is clearly working in us, and that he uses each human life to bring about the joy and peace of His Kingdom."

-Joe Rumpza
ND class of 2013

"My first time on the March for Life far exceeded my expectations. I went to a public high school where I quickly learned it was better to avoid talking about abortion. Being pro-life in a culture of death is often lonely. Coming here makes me realize that the pro-life movement is alive. My fellow ND students, people across the nation, the wonderful religious orders, like Sisters of Life, have inspired me with the vigor in which they defend life. Notre Dame is often criticized for its failure to defend life, but it is here that I have found a passion to do more."

-Angela Bermudez
ND class of 2014

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