Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March for Life Reflections 1

The following are reflections by students on the 2012 March for Life.

"The gravity of abortion hit me hardest when I was in the Right to Life office one day. Each March for Life attendee received a remembrance card to pray for an individual child who had been aborted. In order to make these cards, Notre Dame RTL had a stack of papers - at least 300 - which were photocopies of real clinical forms filled out for performed abortions. Each paper had the mother's age, the baby's age, the method of abortion, and the date of the murder, among other informaiton.

That's when it hit me - this isn't some abstract cause that we're fighting. This is a very real, present tragedy that murders children and traumatizes their mothers every day. If we have any sense of compassion, we must fight to protect these women and children, and their families, from abortion"

-Amanda Bambury
ND class of 2014

"The March for Life is a thing that I grew up with, and every year that I get a chance to go I take it to show my support for the truth and for those unborn babies without a voice. It is remarkable how many people year to year come and show their support."

-John Walter
Holy Cross College class fo 2013

" I have been coming to the March for Life for a few years, but this year being a senior made it extra special. I listened more, watched more, and took advantage of this being my last year as an ND student experiencing this. It is awesome, and I hope to come back to the NDRTL group later and see what progress has been make. Father Jenkins said it perfectly today, "We will not let a court decision mask the fundamental truth.""

-Sara Teising
ND class of 2012

"It's so easy to forget why we're in D.C. When you're in awe of the beautiful monuments, museums, history, and grandeur of our nation's capital... In the midst of all the fun we have on this trip, it is essential to remember that we were brought to this wonderful city by tragedy. We are not here for ourselves, but for millions of children who are killed and silenced each day."

-Amanda Bambury
ND class of 2014

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